• Call for Abstracts

Abstracts from students and researchers are invited in the form of oral and poster presentations. All those desirous of participating and/or presenting in the conference are requested to complete the online abstract submission. Authors are requested to send one-page abstract in the prescribed format given below.

Poster Contest
A jury will judge the Posters and the best three posters will be awarded prizes.

Selected papers from FTC 2022 conference will be published by Springer as a Proceedings book volume.
  • Topics
  •     1.   Protective Textiles and Clothing
  •     2.   Medical Textiles and Clothing
  •     3.   Sportswear, Knitwear, Workwear
  •     4.   Ergonomics
  •     5.   Wearable and Smart Textiles
  •     6.   IOT in Fashion
  •     7.   Fibres and Fabrics
  •     8.   Surface Functionalization and Coatings
  •     9.   Dyeing and Finishing
  •     10.   Textile and Clothing Machinery
  •     11.   CAD, CAE Technologies & Mass Customization
  •     12.   Garment Design and Manufacturing
  •     13.   Anthropometry, Garment Sizing and Fit
  •     14.   Innovation in Fashion
  •     15.   Clothing Comfort
  •     16.   Textile and Fashion Education and Training
  •     17.   Entrepreneurship
  •     18.   Traditional Textile Arts and Crafts
  •     19.   Supply Chain Management
  •     20.   Sustainable Textiles
  •     21.   Technical Textiles

Poster Size - 2.5 ft (w) x 3 ft (h)
  • Innovation Contest

  • Textile Product Innovation
  • Fashion Product Innovation

This contest is to encourage design, innovation and product development activities amongst the youth.

Innovative textile/ fashion products/ clothing incorporating innovative technologies are invited to enter the contest. Any product developed by a student as part of a class project can be entered in the competition.

Download Contest Template (doc)   
The scientific committee of FTC 2022 take no responsibility for any published abstracts submitted. Any issues or errors arising from the abstracts are solely the responsibility of the authors.

By submitting his / her / their work, the Author(s) consent to the publication of the abstract, and transfer and assign to the scientific committee rights to edit, publish, reproduce and to prepare derivative works such as journals. Author(s) represent and warrants that he / she / they is / are sole author(s) of the work, that all authors have participated in and agree with the content and conclusions of the work, and that the work is original and does not infringe upon any copyright, proprietary or personal right of any third party. If the work is not original, author(s) should reference orig,inal source and ensure all relevant permission and / or authorisation to re-use have been obtained.

  • Submission deadline : 30th September 2022