• Call for Abstracts

Abstracts from students and researchers are invited in the form of oral and poster presentations. All those desirous of participating and/or presenting in the conference are requested to complete the online abstract submission. Authors are requested to send one-page abstract in the prescribed format given below.

Poster Contest
A jury will judge the Posters and the best three posters will be awarded prizes.

Selected papers from FTC 2020 conference will be published by Springer as a Proceedings book volume.
  • Topics
  •     1.   Protective Textiles and Clothing
  •     2.   Medical Textiles and Clothing
  •     3.   Sportswear, Knitwear, Workwear
  •     4.   Ergonomics
  •     5.   Wearable and Smart Textiles
  •     6.   IOT in Fashion
  •     7.   Fibres and Fabrics
  •     8.   Surface Functionalization and Coatings
  •     9.   Dyeing and Finishing
  •     10.   Textile and Clothing Machinery
  •     11.   CAD, CAE Technologies & Mass Customization
  •     12.   Garment Design and Manufacturing
  •     13.   Anthropometry, Garment Sizing and Fit
  •     14.   Innovation in Fashion
  •     15.   Clothing Comfort
  •     16.   Textile and Fashion Education and Training
  •     17.   Entrepreneurship
  •     18.   Traditional Textile Arts and Crafts
  •     19.   Supply Chain Management
  •     20.   Sustainable Textiles
  •     21.   Technical Textiles

Online Submission   
(Only .doc or .docx files)
  • Innovation Contest

  • Textile Product Innovation
  • Fashion Product Innovation

This contest is to encourage design, innovation and product development activities amongst the youth.

Innovative textile/ fashion products/ clothing incorporating innovative technologies are invited to enter the contest. Any product developed by a student as part of a class project can be entered in the competition.

Download Contest Template (doc)   

  • Submission deadline : 30th September 2019